Goddess Temple Of Puna!

Sponsored by Puamana Community and Big Island Goddess Gathering

E Komo Mai! Welcome to the website of The Goddess Temple Of Puna! We invite all wombin, men and children to visit us here in Puna, land of Hawaii's Living Primordial Fire Goddess Pelehonuamea, land of Ha`eha`e, the Eastern Gate of Hawaii Nei, where the land is constantly consumed and re-birthed. We welcome you, a rainbow representation of Goddess' from all over the world. We support you to connect and expand the Divine Feminine rising within each of us. We are Wombin ~ Celebrating, Living, Learning, Singing, Laughing, Sharing, Caring and more. Please respect this is a non-alcoholic community gathering space on a sacred 89 acre private property near Pahoa, HI. We look forward to celebrating the Goddess with you here at PUAMANA COMMUNITY. We welcOMe you to our rainforest sanctuary and the hOMe of The Goddess Temple Of Puna! located on the beauty-full Big Island of Hawaii. The Goddess Temple of Puna! is now open and available Monday thru Saturday from 10am-4pm for your personal or group activities including, Ceremony, Yoga, Dance, Classes and more. We are open to more growing possibilites and we welcome all walks of spiritual life. The Goddess Temple Of Puna! is a non-religeous, healing center for learning and growing more in love with the Goddess' divine power, recognizing and celebrating HER presence in our daily lives. No drugs, dogs or firearms are allowed on the property. Aloha! Mahalo and Goddess Bless You!

Here's a photo of The Goddess Temple Of Puna!

For more information or to schedule a visit please call us. We are located in Pahoa, on the beauty-full Big Island of Hawaii

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